Casting Thalia’s Musings: The Olympian Court

Disclaimer: There is currently no plan in the works to bring Thalia’s Musings to film or television. None of these actors have been contacted about such a project. This is pure fantastical speculation on the part of an indie author with delusions of grandeur. Please don’t sue me.

Welcome to the latest adventure in Hollywood delusions. Now that I’ve cast The Twelve, time to do the rest of the Olympians. To see who I cast as Thalia herself, see this post. To see my choices for some of the less-royal Olympians, read on.

ERIS: Summer Glau, who keeps showing up in awesome shows that Fox keeps canceling.

Summer Glau (Source: Wikipedia)

If you’ve seen Summer as River Tam in Firefly and Serenity, you know nobody can do cray cray like her. She was born for the role of the Goddess of Discord. As a Browncoat bonus, she’d be playing the daughter of former Firefly costar Nathan Fillion. And how adorable would she be tagging along after Josh Holloway’s Ares wanting to play army?

AGLAEA: Sarah Lancaster, last seen as Chuck‘s big sister Dr. Ellie Bartowski Woodcomb Awesome.

Sarah Lancaster (Source: TV Guide)

She’d go blonde for the part, which she did as the sexy babysitter on Everwood and as Gift Shop Girl on Scrubs. She already has green eyes.

EROS: Vincent Caso. If you don’t recognize him as teenage gamer/model/meme Bladezz from Felicia Day’s groundbreaking webseries The Guild, go watch The Guild. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Vincent Caso (Source: Wikipedia)

His hair would go lighter to match Aphrodite’s. Can’t you see him in wings?

PSYCHE: Lea Michele, starring as Rachel Berry on Glee.

Lea Michele (Source: Glee Wiki)

Lea has the “annoying teen prodigy” thing down pat. Emphasis on both “prodigy” and “annoying”. And despite the ugly duckling storylines Glee keeps giving her (though thankfully they’re finally letting her reach the swan stage this season), she would be quite believable as a teen pageant queen. And she needs butterfly wings. Like, for real.

CALLISTO: Natalie Portman, recently starring in Thor, famous for being absolutely the only reason anyone sat through the new Star Wars trilogy ever. Okay, anyone who likes girls.

Natalie Portman (Source:
Natalie Portman (Source:

Callisto isn’t really a part of the Olympian court, but I wasn’t sure where else to put her. And I did tease her casting in the last post.

So, there you have it. Next time, I’ll show you my dream cast for the citizens of Hades. Want a hint? The realm of Hades is also known as the Underworld.

7 responses to “Casting Thalia’s Musings: The Olympian Court”

  1. Oh man, Vincent Caso would be PERFECT as Eros! And Summer Glau as Eris would be awesome. I think it would be hard for me to see Lea MIchele as Psyche just because she IS Rachel Berry and will forever BE Rachel Berry to me. lol

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