My Harriet’s Music Club recap

Harriet’s Music Club was a side project of the concluded-for-now Pemberley Digital show Emma Approved. As some of you may remember, I was one of the first responders to “Harriet’s” call for audience participation. I’m rather proud of myself for having made it through the whole season, so I thought I’d do a post recapping all my covers.

For starters, here’s a playlist of the originals, performed by Dayanne Hutton as Harriet Smith.

“Harriet’s First Song”

This was the song Harriet used to kick off the Music Club. The guy she references is State Senator James Elton, but we all knew her heart belonged to Robert Martin regardless of Emma’s meddling.

I changed Harriet’s lyrics about her ukulele to reflect the fact that I was playing a piano.

“Maybe I Can”

Harriet wrote “Maybe I Can” to celebrate her well-deserved promotion from Emma’s intern to event coordinator. This was the arc where she met the infamous Mr. Frank Churchill.

I was nervous about this video since I didn’t want to be seen as “playing the disability card” or whatever. But I liked the way the camera picked up the performance best from this angle, and I figured since my club hand was going to be front and center, might as well address it. The response from the Pemberley Digital team and from my fellow HMC members was awesome.

“Breathe and Believe”

This one came at the beginning of a midseason hiatus. Harriet’s first big event as official coordinator, the Elton/Lee wedding, was a huge success in spite of the couple’s efforts to exclude Harriet at every turn. The ultimate snub came when Senator Elton said to Harriet’s face that she wasn’t invited. But the day was saved when Alex Knightley told Elton that Harriet was his plus one. The fangirls were breathless, and boy, did we believe.

Ironically, it took forever for me to get this cover done because of spring allergies 😛

“Behind The Scenes”

Harriet was becoming more and more confident with herself and her abilities. So confident, in fact, that she was able to embrace her feelings for another behind-the-scenes person, Alex Knightley.

I dedicated this cover to a BFF who is as big a fan of Emma Approved as I am. She’s also been a huge supporter of my writing from the beginning and was one of the beta readers for Unraveled, the latest volume of Thalia’s Musings.

“A Smile On Every Day”

Emma Approved had come to an end (for now?). All the plotlines had been wrapped up. We had our Knighthouse and our Marriet. All that was left was for the world’s most adorable beta couple to perform the world’s most adorable duet.

My cover was a solo, but I made up for that by including a cute little dog. Cute puppy, James Brent Isaacs, same dif, right?

There were many members of Harriet’s Music Club with way better musical skills, editing skills, and videography equipment than me.  Check out the full playlist to see their covers:

And click here to see the entire series from the beginning!

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