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  • Do You Suffer From Limerence? You Are Not Alone

    It was a dark, cold, sleepless February night upon which I found myself clicking through a black hole of Recommended Articles on various clickbaity websites. I don’t even remember what random Facebook share began this vortex. But I remember happening upon a snippet that said if you still get sad feels about a romantic rejection […]

  • #PMJSearch and #ThaliasMusings

    You know Postmodern Jukebox, the band that makes all those awesome 1920s – 1960s covers of top 40 pop hits? They’ve been running a promotion for their new karaoke album So, You Think You Can Sing? in the form of a month-long online talent search. I do think I can sing, so I covered their 1940s […]

  • #AmethystForPrez – All About My Base

    Last month, I formally declared that I am running for president in 2020. (I won’t be old enough to run in 2016, but hey, everyone else is announcing that they’re running in a year that is not this year.) In that announcement post, I said that my platform would be “platform shoes.” Now, obviously, I […]

  • Postmodern Songs of the Summer

    Postmodern Songs of the Summer

    So, now that summer’s been officially over for a week, what was the Song of the Summer? What song will bring us back to the summer of 2014 whenever we hear it on whatever platform we’re listening to years and decades from now? Whatever your answer is, I guarantee the original can’t beat Postmodern Jukebox’s cover. […]

  • My Harriet’s Music Club recap

    Harriet’s Music Club was a side project of the concluded-for-now Pemberley Digital show Emma Approved. As some of you may remember, I was one of the first responders to “Harriet’s” call for audience participation. I’m rather proud of myself for having made it through the whole season, so I thought I’d do a post recapping […]

  • It’s Okay to Try

    You don’t have to try Take your makeup off Let your hair down Take a breath Look into the mirror At yourself Don’t you like you? – “Try,” Colbie Caillat If you’re at all engaged in social media, you’ve probably seen Colbie Caillat’s new music video for her song, “Try,” in which she starts out […]

  • Dear Persephone (A Frozen Follow-Up)

    Last week I begged Persephone to return from the Underworld so Demeter would end the polar vortex. After some beseeching, I said that the people of Earth would continue uploading covers of “Let it Go,” Queen Elsa’s epic showstopper from Disney’s Frozen. Well, on Sunday, I woke up to freezing rain, which later turned into […]

  • My weekend was Emma Approved

    As you may remember, I’ve been following Pemberley Digital’s latest webseries, Emma Approved. It’s a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma, in which Emma is a professional matchmaker/life coach,  Knightley is Emma’s business partner/accountant, and Harriet is Emma’s personal assistant. In last Thursday’s episode, “Back in Business,” Harriet’s interpretation of Emma’s life coaching took the […]

  • Twisted: A Very Wicked Disney Musical

    You probably know the musical comedic genius of Team Starkid from A Very Potter Musical and its sequels. What? You’ve never seen A Very Potter Musical??? Well, I’ll have to blog about that some other time, because it’s awesome. Draco is a girl in drag and Zac Ephron is a [SPOILER!] and Harry Freakin’ Potter […]

  • Crazy Weekend; Tired Blogger

    Personally, I don’t quite see what weddings and restraint have to do with one another. What, you think I like weddings because they’re romantic? Please. A wedding, like any public ceremony, is a production, and that is irresistible to a theater goddess. – A Snag in the Tapestry (Thalia’s Musings, Volume One) As I write this, it’s […]