The Doubleclicks: Geek Girls with Nothing to Prove

For this week’s Web Wednesday post, I present The Doubleclicks, one of my favorite musical comedy groups on the internet. In their own words,

The Doubleclicks are two sisters, a cello, and songs about dinosaurs, Jane Austen adaptations, dungeons and dragons. They are snarky, geeky, and sweet — and probably touring soon to a city near you!

– The Doubleclicks YouTube channel

Some of their songs make me laugh, like this love song to internet trolls.

Some genuinely bring tears to my eyes, like this one ostensibly written as a roll-the-credits song for a tragically nonexistent Wonder Woman movie.

Some are delightful means of mocking my friends for the things that make their lives worth living, like this ode to EVE Online.

And some feature celebrity cameos such as Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, and Adam Savage and get over a million well-deserved views.

Want more? Go forth and doubleclick!

(Actually, single click. That just sounded like a really good way to end the post.)

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