Cosplay Countdown to My Imaginary Halloween

For this and the next two weeks, Frivolity Friday will feature the fabulous costumery that I’m sure some version of me somewhere in the multiverse is planning to wear for Halloween. This week:

Steampunk Batgirl
La mode illustrée, Journal de la famille,1887. Image via bits&bites

Steampunk Batgirl! Or Batwoman. Or some OC fanfic ancestress in the Wayne family tree who got the whole Batperson thing started and whose records and inventions would someday be discovered by Bruce and become the foundation of his work. Yes. I like that one. The whole thing would be black, except for the shoes and overskirt, which would be yellow. And it would be awesome.

2 responses to “Cosplay Countdown to My Imaginary Halloween”

  1. Black and yellow alternating corset panels?
    I especially like her proto-bat-symbol. They clearly hadn’t invented “stylized” yet in whatever century she’s in, so she just had a bat stuffed and pinned it on her chest. You damn kids and your “pictures” of bats! Far inferior to an actual bat.

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