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  • Batman and Sons: Holy Parenthood, Batman!

    Do you like Batman? No? Begone, spambot! Yes? Then read on, O flesh and blood human, and behold the fancomic that is Batman and Sons. This series, by deviantART user The-BlackCat, puts the comedy in comic books. The premise is Batman being a single dad to his three adopted Robins and the Batbaby that Selina […]

  • Cosplay Countdown to My Imaginary Halloween

    For this and the next two weeks, Frivolity Friday will feature the fabulous costumery that I’m sure some version of me somewhere in the multiverse is planning to wear for Halloween. This week: Steampunk Batgirl! Or Batwoman. Or some OC fanfic ancestress in the Wayne family tree who got the whole Batperson thing started and […]