Batman and Sons: Holy Parenthood, Batman!

Do you like Batman? No? Begone, spambot! Yes? Then read on, O flesh and blood human, and behold the fancomic that is Batman and Sons.

Batman and Sons
“Charge!” Image by The-BlackCat via deviantART

This series, by deviantART user The-BlackCat, puts the comedy in comic books. The premise is Batman being a single dad to his three adopted Robins and the Batbaby that Selina Kyle left on the doorstep of Wayne Manor. Dick, the oldest, is responsible and brave, the quintessential all-American boy sidekick. Next is Jason, usually the instigator of whatever havoc he and his brothers are wreaking. Tim, the youngest Robin, is sweet, innocent, and optimistic. And baby Terry is freakin’ adorable.

The series has tons of cameos from the rest of the Justice League. The Wayne boys go to school with every superkid in the DC Universe. Bruce has an ongoing feud with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Catwoman drops in for unauthorized visits to her baby. And of course, you can’t have the Superfriends without Superman. Sound like fun? Then start here and prepare to lose the next several hours of your life.

Cosplay Countdown to My Imaginary Halloween

For this and the next two weeks, Frivolity Friday will feature the fabulous costumery that I’m sure some version of me somewhere in the multiverse is planning to wear for Halloween. This week:

Steampunk Batgirl
La mode illustrée, Journal de la famille,1887. Image via bits&bites

Steampunk Batgirl! Or Batwoman. Or some OC fanfic ancestress in the Wayne family tree who got the whole Batperson thing started and whose records and inventions would someday be discovered by Bruce and become the foundation of his work. Yes. I like that one. The whole thing would be black, except for the shoes and overskirt, which would be yellow. And it would be awesome.