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  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    It was 1944. Against all odds, Frank had made it home for Christmas. Lord knew how many strings he’d had to pull for that one. We spent every spare moment of those few days together, not that we had many to spare since work wouldn’t let me off.  It wouldn’t have been practical to take […]

  • A Thalia’s Musings Christmas Carol

    “Why did I have to take a stupid sleeping potion before the most annoying dream ever?” I groaned. “The night is only beginning,” said Adonis. “Tonight, you will be visited by the Three Fates.” “Of course I will,” I said. “Haven’t heard from them in a few months, so I’m sure they’re getting bored.” “Heed […]

  • Coming next week – A Thalia’s Musings Holiday Special!

    I still have a way to go on Volume Three, but in the meantime, I’m posting a new stand-alone story for Christmas! It takes place the Cronia (AKA Saturnalia AKA Solstice AKA y’all know it’s my fictionalized version of Christmas) following Snarled Threads. Thalia writes a Cronia carol, is haunted by someone who’s dead as a doornail, […]

  • The Santa Disillusionment: Of Innocence Lost and Christmas Ninjas

    I was about 7, I think, when I figured out that what I’d always believed about Santa Claus wasn’t true. I had asked my parents for a thousand-dollar Christmas present. Naturally, they told me they couldn’t afford it. I said I’d just ask Santa, then. They told me Santa couldn’t afford it either. It didn’t […]