My Top 10 Posts of 2014

Welcome to my obligatory year-in-review post! As of the precise moment in time that I’m writing this post, these were my 10 most-viewed posts of 2014. A couple of these, including #1, weren’t even written this year. It’s encouraging to know that my posts have staying power, considering I usually write about pop culture and internet culture, which can be particularly fickle.

10. Green Gables Fables: Anne Shirley, Vlogger For example, this one knocked my review of The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy off the top ten in the couple of days between outlining this post and publishing it. I can’t get enough of this literary vlog trend. My reviews of these shows have been among the most fun to write this year, and I’m hoping next year brings plenty more! If you want to see the YouTube shows that I’ve enjoyed but haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet, check out my Multimedia Webseries board on Pinterest.

9. You Are Better Than Fred Phelps (and that’s why he was so dangerous) I’m glad this post made it to the Top 10, because I feel like the point it makes is one that’s frequently overlooked. It’s not enough to be better than the worst person you can think of. You can be better than the worst person you can think of and still harm people. And if you’re giving the queer people in your life the distinct impression that you wish they weren’t queer, even if that wish is coming from a well-intended place, you’re harming them. If you want to support the LGBTQ people in your life but aren’t sure how, check out PFLAG, a nationwide support group for people with queer family and friends. There’s probably a local chapter in your area.

8. 10 Things I Love About The Legend of Korra I wrote this post right before the third season premiered. It’s funny to read it now and see how much the series changed over the last two seasons, especially the Bei Fong family structure and pretty much all the Team Avatar romantic pairings. But everything in this post is still true. Seasons/Books 3 and 4 just gave me more to love. For my thoughts on the series finale, click here.

7. Nicola Tesla, Vampire: NBC’s Dracula This post is actually from last year, and has now made my Top 10 list two years in a row. For reasons that I touched on in my 2013 wrap-up, I have still not seen the series finale and probably never will. Dracula wasn’t completely without merit; it’s just that there are so many legitimately good shows out there right now that I’d rather spend the time on.

6. Sleepy Hollow #MediaMondays Like this one. Sleepy Hollow is THE one show that I will watch every single week in its actual time slot on the actual television. It keeps getting better and better. I’ve thought about posting weekly recaps on my Tumblr, but whenever I sit down to draft one, it comes out like “OMG DID YOU SEE THE THING DID? YOU? SEE? THE? THING? THE THING THAT HAPPENED TOTALLY LIKE HAPPENED OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Needless to say, I’m happy that this review also made the Top 10 for the second year in a row. And, yes, it happened for the same reason.

5. Why Amy Santiago is my favorite Latina character on TV amy santiago I was especially proud of this post, so I’m thrilled to see it not just in the Top 10, but the Top 5. Actress Melissa Fumero’s shout-out on Twitter probably helped with that (and yes, I’m still fangirling over it). It’s worth noting that, while there are a lot more Latinas on TV this season, Amy Santiago remains the least stereotypical. The characters on Cristela fit just about every stereotype I detailed in this post, which was a big disappointment coming from the first American sitcom produced by a Latina. The title character in Jane the Virgin rivals Amy in adorkableness and is probably my biggest Latina crush atm, but the show couldn’t resist adding an illegal immigration backstory to its loads of over-the-top soapy drama.

4. Thalia’s Musings 3 is here!

Unraveled (Thalia's Musings, Volume Three). Click to shop for Thalia's Musings ebooks!

I’m even happier to see this post in the Top 5 – a post about MY actual writing! 😀 I am so proud of this book. Everyone is telling me that my writing style seems a lot more polished and experienced compared to the first two, and I cannot agree more. Unraveled‘s serial run had more hits than A Snag in the Tapestry or Snarled Threads. The complete volume is now available for Kindle and NOOK. Get it before midnight while it’s still $0.99!

3. Twisted: A Very Wicked Disney Musical Not a lot to add about this post, which is actually from the end of last year. Everything I said in it is still true. Twisted is a hilarious musical parody of not only Aladdin, but classic Disney tropes in general. Go watch it.

2. 5 Crossovers That Need To Happen On Once Upon A Time Oy, where to start with this. OUAT had pretty much written itself into a corner by the end of season 3. The show had become all about who’s secretly related to who, which boy Emma would pick, and Regina can’t have nice things. This season, ABC wisely chose to replace it with a live-action sequel to Frozen with Once Upon A Time characters making an occasional appearance because contractual obligation. My only complaint is that live-action Elsa and Anna never got to sing.

1. Steven Universe, aka Amethyst And Those Other People Like I said in the post, I watched and reviewed Steven Universe because it had a main character named Amethyst. I didn’t consider the search engine potential of blogging about it on a blog with “Amethyst” in the title. This post was already in the Top 10 last year, barely over a month after I’d published it. It’s kept an easy first place thanks to people searching for the picture above this paragraph.

Well, that’s it for 2014! I’m looking forward to seeing what delightful things the Internet gives me to fangirl about next year. 🙂 Thanks for all the follows, likes, shares, and views!

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