So, Yeah, I’ve Been Watching the Olympics All Week

OMG I freakin’ love the Winter Olympics!

Image via Olga Lagunova

Seriously. I like the Summer Olympics, but I love the Winter Olympics. I have a long-standing crush on Apolo Anton Ohno, who isn’t really even my type aside from being an Olympian named Apolo. Jamie Sale and David Pelletier’s medal controversy is the first thing that comes to mind when I recall the winter of 2002 even though there was a lot more going on in my life at the time. And, and, and, there’s curling, and ski jumping, and ski racing and snowboarding, and a thing where you ski and shoot stuff, and and and, it’s the Winter Freakin’ Olympics!!!!

In should-be-entirely-unrelated news, I read one of my Christmas books while recovering from surgery. It was one that I’d been wanting to read for ages, but hadn’t had the chance. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s called Ender’s Game. There was a movie based on it a few months ago. I would’ve seen that movie, because it sounded interesting to me, but I was only able to get to one movie around that time. I picked Thor: The Dark World because I’d seen Thor and hadn’t read Ender’s Game yet. Anyway, I loved Ender’s Game, I’m glad I read it, and I look forward to seeing the movie and reading the sequels. In fact, I spent all day Friday tweeting quotes by and about Valentine Wiggin to celebrate what I now assume is a holiday in her honor.

Most decent human beings can agree that oppression is bad and that we should fight it. There are few easy answers about how to do that. For some people, the answer is to be careful about what their entertainment choices are funding. Like corrupt dictatorships or draconican activist groups with hilarious acronyms. I respect this, and I support these people in following their consciences. For me, though, fighting oppression sometimes means not letting my would-be oppressors like Putin or Card stop me from doing something that brings happiness to my life. Like reading a fun sci fi book with thought-provoking themes of love, tolerance, and understanding of The Other. Or spending two weeks glued to the TV to experience yet another Winter Olympics.


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