Thalia’s Musings 3 is halfway done!

The rough draft, that is. I’ve drafted 8 of a projected 16 chapters. I’ll give more timeline details as I have them, but for now I can say that I’m looking at a Spring 2014 release.  Like the first two volumes, Volume 3 will be posted serially at for free and sold for Kindle and NOOK. Hopefully I’ll have more progress reports around the first of the year.



Author, blogger, internet person. My claim to fame is Thalia's Musings, an indie fantasy series set in the ancient Greek pantheon and narrated by the muse of comedy.

4 thoughts on “Thalia’s Musings 3 is halfway done!

  1. This is just great ! This one is really even more exciting than the others because of the questions you raised in the last ones, and I really wonder what you will do next with Hera. I hope you don’t feel too much pressure, though. It’s not because we love it that you have to start hurrying. It’s already great to have an update and know you’re working at it.

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