Halloween Cosplay Countdown 2

I’d had something else in mind for this post, but thanks to last night’s episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, I no longer remember what it was. I have no idea what the writers or the rest of the fandom are calling this costume, so I shall call it Adventurer Alice.

Alice with the Knave of Hearts. Image via Wetpaint

This has got to be the image of tomboy femme. I don’t think I’ve seen an Action Girl costume this femmy outside of anime. I cannot think of a combination more fun to wear than lavender lace, amethyst leather, and a sword. And boots. Can’t forget the boots. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have the means to reproduce this costume, because it would find its way into my everyday wardrobe way more than it should.

7 responses to “Halloween Cosplay Countdown 2”

  1. It was many years later when Alice had her next adventure, and whilst she was quite surprised to be having one at all, after the passing of so many years, she was even more surprised to see that she was a child again, no older than when she had first entered Wonderland and slipped through that fascinating Looking Glass.

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