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  • Why Amy Santiago is my favorite Latina character on TV

    “You’re all…articulate. And smart.” “So are you! Wait, why does that sound like an insult?” ~ Rosa Diaz and Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine A couple weeks ago I delivered a rant about how most Latina characters on TV tend to fall into a few basic stereotypes: maids, immigrants or the daughters of immigrants, from the […]

  • Ask A Slave: Thalia and Clio Collaborate

    Clio, as I hope my Thalia’s Musings readers know, is the Muse of History. It’s quite evident that Clio and Thalia have both bestowed their blessings on Azie Dungey, creator and star of the historical comedy webseries Ask A Slave. Ask A Slave is a comedy web series based on the actress’ experiences working at […]

  • Frigga, Sif, Darcy, and Jane

    A few random, spoilery musings on the women of Thor: The Dark World. I cannot overstate Frigga’s awesomeness. Frigga pwns everyone forever. I shall henceforth consider the epithet friggin’ an oath invoking the wrath of Frigga. I’m terrible about crying over movies, books, tv shows, songs, gifs, etc., but I couldn’t cry over Frigga’s death. […]

  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl seeks Manic Pixie Dream Guy

    It’s come to my attention a month late that Ruby Sparks is out on DVD. I was lucky enough to see Ruby Sparks in the theater earlier this year. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes quirky indie comedies, cute ginger girls and/or cute nerdy guys, and and vintage-inspired dresses paired with colored tights. […]

  • The Quandary of a High Femme Feminist

    [As I’ve said, I’ll be using this blog to talk about random stuff that’s on my mind in addition to Thalia’s Musings stuff. Welcome to the first such post.] Can I tell you guys a secret? I don’t hate princesses. I’m not talking about Kate, Diana, and Grace. I’m talking about the romanticized idea of […]