10 TV Pairs That I Love

Booth and Brennan’s wedding. Image via Fox.com

Tonight is the night! After six years of idiocy and two years of cohabiting couplehood, Special Agent Seely Booth and Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan FINALLYYYYYYYYYY tie the knot. I thought I’d try something different for Media Monday in honor of these long-awaited nuptials. Instead of reviewing a single work, I’m going to fangirl about some of my favorite dynamic duos in current television. Note that I’ve used the word “pairs” in the title rather than “ships.” Some of these pairs are canon couples, some aren’t a couple in canon (YET) but I ship them anyway, and some have a platonic, familial bond that I love as is and wouldn’t want to turn into a romance. So, in no particular order of favoritism, read on, and do not disturb me tonight in the hour following 8pm/7pm Central on pain of death.

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