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  • Thug Notes Be All Up In Y’alls Librizzle. Word.

    Yo. This here Sparky Sweets, PhD. Join me as I drop some of da illest classical literature summary and analysis that yo ass ever heard. Educate yo self, son. ~ Thug Notes Facebook Page Gentle readers, this week it is my pleasure to introduce┬áto you a charming and insightful program devoted to bringing classic literature […]

  • Why Amy Santiago is my favorite Latina character on TV

    “You’re all…articulate. And smart.” “So are you! Wait, why does that sound like an insult?” ~ Rosa Diaz and Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine A couple weeks ago I delivered a rant about how most Latina characters on TV tend to fall into a few basic stereotypes: maids, immigrants or the daughters of immigrants, from the […]

  • Star Trek Into Whiteness: Why I’m Glad [Spoiler] Was White

    I finally got to see Star Trek Into Darkness over the weekend. Thanks to Tumblr, Facebook, and friggin’ Pinterest, I’d already been spoiled as to the real identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain, billed only as John Harrison prior to the movie’s release. Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the movie yet and are among […]

  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: PC Done Right

    I’m obsessed with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. If you haven’t gotten hooked on this multimedia web entertainment project yet, go watch the first video. Now. I’ll wait. Back? Okay. SPOILERS ahead.