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  • How soon should you blog about a work in progress?

    Believe it or not, Google did not give me any answers to that question. I have no idea whether I’m telling you this way too soon or not soon enough. But I’m too excited to wait, so here it is… I’m working on a new novel unrelated to Thalia’s Musings. It’s a young adult steampunk dystopia inspired by the […]

  • Goodbye, Persephone; hello, blog

    The Autumnal Equinox has passed, summer is gone, and I owe my readers a few updates. Remember that webseries I write? The one that has two published volumes and that I said would eventually have four? Well, believe it or not, I am still working on Volume 3 and have been all year. Right now […]

  • Fun with Formatting

    Working on ebook creation is interesting when you are only vaguely familiar with HTML and have no experience in coding. I’m trying out a program called Scrivener that is supposed to take care of this problem for me. New software is always a challenge, but I’ve got to say, so far Scrivener is a lot […]