How soon should you blog about a work in progress?

Believe it or not, Google did not give me any answers to that question. I have no idea whether I’m telling you this way too soon or not soon enough. But I’m too excited to wait, so here it is…

Image via Wiki Commons

I’m working on a new novel unrelated to Thalia’s Musings. It’s a young adult steampunk dystopia inspired by the 19th century American “robber baron” industrialists, tentatively titled Baroness. Absolutely everything in the previous sentence is subject to change at this point. I’m 10,000 words in, which is about 1/8th of its projected length.

The plan for this one is to query the manuscript as soon as it’s finished, find an agent, and get the book published by a major publishing house. Don’t worry, I have no intention of abandoning Thalia’s Musings. But Thalia’s Musings 4 will conclude the series, so I have to start thinking beyond it now. I hope my readers will follow me to whatever projects come next (hopefully there’ll be many, many more). I’m looking forward to bringing you more updates about this one!

Goodbye, Persephone; hello, blog

The Autumnal Equinox has passed, summer is gone, and I owe my readers a few updates.

“Persephone” ©2008-2013 ~freethinker86

Remember that webseries I write? The one that has two published volumes and that I said would eventually have four? Well, believe it or not, I am still working on Volume 3 and have been all year. Right now my sandpaper draft (the roughest of the rough) is five chapters long and has about eleven to go. I don’t blog much about my health and probably never will, but suffice it to say, the last year has been insane in that respect. Crossing my fingers for a better season ahead and more energy to write.

I have managed to expand my social media presence a bit over the summer. In addition to Twitter, FacebookDeviantART, and Goodreads, I now have accounts on Tumblr and Google+, and a Pinterest board for Thalia’s Musings. The pinboard has a few teasers for Volume 3. No, I won’t tell you which ones they are or what they mean.

Thalia’s Musings is slowly gaining visibility in the blogosphere. Marie Erving, who’s reviewed the series before, has it listed in her blog’s very selective Recommendation tab. Last week, Cover Host, a blog dedicated to showcasing noteworthy indie book covers, included A Snag in the Tapestry in its “Thank Gods it’s Friday” roundup.

And that’s all the news I can think of for now. Happy Fall!

Fun with Formatting

Working on ebook creation is interesting when you are only vaguely familiar with HTML and have no experience in coding. I’m trying out a program called Scrivener that is supposed to take care of this problem for me. New software is always a challenge, but I’ve got to say, so far Scrivener is a lot easier on my brain than going through my whole manuscript line by line in Notepad would’ve been. If everything keeps going as well as it has the last couple of days, I should be able to give you an official release date for A Snag in the Tapestry by next Monday!

BTW, for my readers who don’t own Kindles or Nooks, there are free apps that will let you read Kindle or Nook files on your computer. Amazon’s is here. Barnes and Noble’s is here. And since my ebooks will be published DRM-free, you should be able to read them in Calibre.

Okay, back to work now.