Let’s try this weekly recap thing

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much these days. Or maybe you haven’t noticed because you’re one of the many people who doesn’t read blogs that much anymore. Which is no big deal. Internet culture changes fast, and it’s an internet creator’s job to keep up with it.

So that’s why most of my posts have been on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. lately. I’ll write up original content as a Facebook post and literally get ten times the views I would have if I’d written the same content as a blog post and shared the link on the same Facebook page. It makes sense to put my writing where the most people are going to see it.

But on the other hand, I don’t want people to stumble upon this website and find a bunch of tumbleweeds, so I’m trying something new. I want to do weekly recap blog posts where I link to my favorite things that I’ve shared on other platforms throughout the week. Might be original stuff, might be other people’s stuff that I’ve linked to. Here goes.

Oh Look, Someone Else Has Porphyria

I have a rare disease. Like, it’s been featured on House and I’m usually surprised to find that real-life doctors have heard of it. I’m even more surprised to find that someone on YouTube has come out with a porphyria-related vlog that’s informative, accessible, and entertaining. I really hope this vlogger is able to finish the series, and that his condition doesn’t get in the way of his work too much.


So, Yeah, Brexit Is A Thing

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union last weekend. President Obama addressed it by saying “One thing that will not change is the special relationship between the US and the UK.” To which I had this to say:


Do You Like Piña Colada (Wraps)?

I threw stuff in a pan and put it on flatbread and it was really good. I call it a piña colada wrap.


I’m trying something new in an effort to blog more consistently. Everyone loves alliterative blog prompts, right? Good. Here are the ones I’ve come up with.

image by Joseph Bremson via Flickr


  • Media Mondays – Commentary on movies, tv shows, music, basically any kind of pop culture and entertainment media. Except stuff that uses the internet as its primary medium. I’ll save that for…
  • Web Wednesdays -Web fiction. Web nonfiction. Blogs. Vlogs. Memes. Teh Interwebs. Stuff in this category may overlap with…
  • Frivolity Fridays – Style, food, pets, personal anecdotes, just random stuff that amuses me at the moment. The main requirement is no seriousness whatsoever. That’ll go on the occasional…
  • Serious Sundays – This will probably not be a weekly thing. But when I want to write about a serious philosophical social justice issue, it’ll go here.

None of these will be hard and fast rules. Some posts I want to write won’t fit neatly into one of these four categories. Sometimes I’ll want to post about current events on the day they happen, and if current events won’t accommodate Jon Stewart’s schedule, I’m guessing they don’t care too much about mine. And of course, the whole reason I started this blog was to gain visibility as an author, so posts about my writing projects (especially Thalia’s Musings) will take precedent over everything.

Okay, then. We’ll see how this goes and how long it takes me to swap it out for a totally different system. Have a great weekend!