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  • Coming next week – A Thalia’s Musings Holiday Special!

    I still have a way to go on Volume Three, but in the meantime, I’m posting a new stand-alone story for Christmas! It takes place the Cronia (AKA┬áSaturnalia AKA┬áSolstice AKA y’all know it’s my fictionalized version of Christmas) following Snarled Threads. Thalia writes a Cronia carol, is haunted by someone who’s dead as a doornail, […]

  • The Santa Disillusionment: Of Innocence Lost and Christmas Ninjas

    I was about 7, I think, when I figured out that what I’d always believed about Santa Claus wasn’t true. I had asked my parents for a thousand-dollar Christmas present. Naturally, they told me they couldn’t afford it. I said I’d just ask Santa, then. They told me Santa couldn’t afford it either. It didn’t […]