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  • Dear Persephone (A Frozen Follow-Up)

    Last week I begged Persephone to return from the Underworld so Demeter would end the polar vortex. After some beseeching, I said that the people of Earth would continue uploading covers of “Let it Go,” Queen Elsa’s epic showstopper from Disney’s Frozen. Well, on Sunday, I woke up to freezing rain, which later turned into […]

  • Dear Persephone…

    So, I guess you and Hades have been having a good year, huh? That’s awesome. You two are, like, my favorite couple in the Pantheon, and I’m really glad things are going well for you. Listen, I hate to be that supplicant, but with all due glory, honor, and reverence, your awesome Iron Queenness… Your […]